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By A. Bova

An intense debut collection that is both deeply intimate, as well as empowering.”

Eakle Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A. Bova’s debut poetry collection, The Beauty in the Broken, ensures that every line is intentional and leaves no room for a breath between them. Bova paints a delicate picture of vulnerability, and how we can find strength and forgiveness through it. 

The three parts of the book weave together to create tension, suspense, sadness, relief, and everything in between. I read this book in a single sitting. Not because it’s an easy-read, but because I couldn’t stop. So many poems in this book made me slow down, take a deep breath, and read them again. 

With a mix of short-form and long-form, The Beauty in the Broken is a great example of Bova’s versatility as a writer. It’s a reminder to not take the pain you suffer for granted. Pain and suffering is what grows you, it is what allows you to become whatever it is you’re meant to be. And Bova doesn’t shy away from that, but rather embraces it.

This book doesn’t read like a debut collection. It reads more like a junior or, at the very least, a sophomore collection. For most authors, there’s a sense of fragility or shyness in the first thing they share with the world. As if they’re afraid of the way the world will judge them. Bova ignores all of that, and launches herself head-first into the world with a book of confidence, poise, and satisfaction.

Thank you for reading! Have you read this stunning poetry collection? Join in on this discussion in the comments below!

Interested in reading this book? Buy it here.

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