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By Rhondalise Mitza

“When we look at romances, we typically don’t find them in Waffle Houses while somebody is talking like Shakespeare.”

Eakle Reviews

Rating: 3 out of 5.

When we look at romances, we typically don’t find them in Waffle Houses while somebody is talking like Shakespeare. But, Carry On, My Wayward Minnow places us in that exact situation.

I think the best part about this story is Liam’s dramatics. Mitza does a really good job of laying out his dialogue throughout his theatrics. Not only that, Mitza also captures the casual conversation between Liam and Feiffer really well.

I think a good theme to this story is acceptance. While Liam is putting on a show like he’s in the middle of a play, the entire thing is about a few high schoolers pointing out the negative aspects of the Waffle House. But, Liam sees it as more than that. Seeing as this is a romance, though, he isn’t really talking about the Waffle House. He’s talking about Feiffer. They say how Liam is a college drop out, and Feiffer mentions going back to school, which would imply she is also a college dropout, or she has never given it a chance. But Liam’s entire act, and Feiffer’s interjection in the middle of it, acts as a catalyst for them. To accept themselves and to really apply themselves to life. A starting over, almost.

This can be applied to so many different aspects of our lives, and Mitza does a good job of applying this to the end of the story. It’s almost like the end of the story is the beginning of their lives, which I think really sets this story up for a great sequel, or possibly a novel. Even with as short as the story is, you get a great feel for the characters. And they’re enjoyable! Mitza really forms the characters well in Carry On, My Wayward Minnow, which is a great quality for a storyteller.

This was a really good story, and the characters were written well. But, I would rate Carry On, My Wayward Minnow a 3 out of 5 stars. That is not to say that the writing is a 3 out of 5 stars. I would love to have seen more description of the scene in this story. I didn’t feel like I was in the middle of a Waffle House, or that it was so late that the shop was about to close. I didn’t feel like the high schoolers had just come from prom. The characters and the dialogue and the overall story was all really good. So much so that I could almost feel Liam’s vigor as he gave his Shakespearean speech! And, I get it, there are word constraints to this competition, but the word count still had room for almost 1,000 words. But that’s also the challenge of short stories – packing in as much information as you can in the small constraints of the word count. I really enjoyed Carry On, My Wayward Minnow, and I would definitely encourage you all to read it. Mitza has the talent to be a very promising writer! 

Thank you for reading! Have you read this story yet? What did you think of it? Join in on this discussion in the comments below!

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