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The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank

By Anne Frank “This is wholly the rawest form of human intimacy.” Eakle Reviews The part that makes this book so sad is you already know the ending. As much as you want to root for Anne and her family and friends, you can’t. This is an encapsulating look at what life would be like …

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Everything I Never Told You

By Celeste Ng “A poignant look into what it’s like to be a little bit different and the struggles of failure.” Eakle Reviews I think my favorite part about this book was the way Ng built tension between every character. The tension was so realistic that I even got stressed out about it. The book …

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Faraway Places

By Tom Spanbauer “Potent. That is the best and only word for this novel.” Eakle Reviews I really don’t even know where to start with this one. Faraway Places is dark and twisted. I mean, we see a man pleasure himself with three Doberman Pinschers. Spanbauer’s style of writing is inspiring. He sets the pace …

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